Global GPS Terms & Conditions


  • If incase Device will stopped any Technical issue or man made issue,that is your responsibility to inform in company for service. in that case anything is happened we are not responsible for your Vehicles and Device

Device base T&C

  • If customers want to return device to the company for any reason with in warranty period (1 year) , 30% of amount will be returned to customer Base on the device cost and Software charges are not returned
  • If the customer is responsible for the problem of device, the customer has to pay for that and if the problem has been occurred through device, the service charges are free for up to 1 year
  • Payment must be paid within 10 days from the bill date and Cheque should be acceptable only in the favour of Global Gps Technologies Or through online payment will be acceptable to current account details mentioned as above
  • If device will not work at any time or customer have any other issue with the device, in that case Customers responsibility to call for services.
  • As per our company rule... your all the Devices are under the same user I'd, if it is payment not done of part devices, we have authority to disconnect the entire devices. and software charges are non refundable
  • Devices are not taken back once installed.

Rental base T&C

  • We are providing GPS devices on rental base; Device will be company property. if payments are not paid as per invoice the GPS Company has rights to remove the devices immediately.
  • Payment should be made in advance for 2 year (1st year payment on the day of installation and 2nd year payment must also be done on same day but you should provide PDC Cheque of next year of same date.
  • The device is not a waterproof or Fire proof... if device is broken or damage in validity period also from customer end, new replacement is not possible.